RVSOA and NJSIAA registration for 2024 is open!

Remember to complete your registration at both the RVSOA site AND the NJSIAA site!

RVSOA registration:

The standard RVSOA registration fee is $60 through August 31, 2024. 

From September 1 onward, a late registration fee of $80 applies.

The RVSOA registration fee is $60 for first year officials at any time.

Use the following URL to register: https://rvsoa.demosphere-secure.com/_registration

- Returning officials information has been retained

- New officials will need to create a profile 

- From there, follow the easy step by step instructions

- Remember to select whether you are a returning official or a first year official on the relevant registration form

New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) registration:

Log in to www.njsiaa.org and go to:
"REGISTER FOR 2024-2025"

Registration Fees for first sport = $60 (registration =  $50 + background check = $10)

Registration Fees for each additional sport = $30

NOTE: When entering your information on the NJSIAA website to pay your state registration make sure you enter your credit card expiration date in the format MM-YYYY --- you must use a dash, NOT a sideways backslash / 

If you have any problems with NJSIAA registration, call the NJSIAA office 609-259-2776 and either Tawanda or Jen can help you.