Online Recertification Exam Is Mandatory

The NJSIAA and NJSOA have mandated, that the recertification exam MUST be taken and passed  online.  All soccer officials are now required to take and pass the exam online, there is no option to take the exam by any other mechanism and no "remedial" education for anyone that fails the exam or fails to take the exam online.


The parameters for taking the exam have also been changed.  The exam is 100 questions, multiple choice, you can again print out the exam, you will have up to six weeks to answer the questions and new this year, up to THREE attempts to answer the questions correctly.


In summary, this is a six week open book exam with five chances to enter the answers correctly.

All officials must meet the following requirements to maintain varsity eligibility. These requirements are those of the NJSIAA. As an affiliated chapter of the NJSIAA, the RVSOA is mandated to follow and enforce these requirements. These requirements are listed in the NJSIAA Handbook for Officials and in part, in the RVSOA Constitution. Posting here is merely for the convenience of chapter members as the Handbook and Constitution have always been readily available.


To certify for and maintain VARSITY eligibility, RVSOA members must each year:


1)     Pay your dues to both RVSOA and NJSIAA, and pass the background check

2)     Pass the NJSIAA online recertification exam, online, with a score of 85%

3)     Produce valid certification for completion of the online course “Concussion in Sports-What you Need to Know” to the chapter secretary no later than August 22

4)     Fulfill the NJSIAA meeting requirements which are:

·         Attend annual NJSIAA Rules Interpretation meeting

·         Attend two RVSOA chapter meeting


As mandated by the NJSIAA, any official that fails to meet these requirements will forfeit their VARSITY status.


As per the RVSOA constitution, such members may remain members of the RVSOA but will be placed on PROBATION.


Members on probation may officiate any sub varsity games